Blasting is a particularly effective method for removing rust. In our blasting cabin which measures 35 x 8 metres, granules are blasted onto the object at high pressure. The blasting pressure is set according to the thickness of the steel. The granules remove the rust deep into the pores. Immediately after blasting, a 2-layer epoxy primer is applied, providing excellent protection against the formation of rust.

There are various degrees of cleanliness in the blasting process:
SA 1: light blasting; almost all loose mill scale, rust and other coatings are removed (blasted or blown).
SA 2: almost all mill scale, rust and other coatings are removed. Equipment will now have a grey colour.
SA 2.5: very careful blasting; everything is removed but a light shadow or colouration can still be seen.
SA 3: silver blank blasting; everything is removed, including dust. Equipment now has an even metal colour.