Cleaning market

GeesinkNorba, a leading household waste truck manufacturer in Europa which is based in Emmeloord(Nl), chose Gouweleeuw in 2010, to provide a preservative finish for its vehicles and products.

Gouweleeuw built a specially equipped spraying facility, with specific routing, which opened in 2011. This investment has meant that Gouweleeuw is able to supply components in the required quality and for an affordable price with a 'just in time’ approach. This is vital now that Gouweleeuw is an integral part of GeesinkNorba’s production process. Gouweleeuw takes care of collection and delivery with its own transport equipment.

An important detail is that the components remain in-house once they enter into the spraying facility. Or, in other words, all of the processes from A to Z are carried out under one roof. This, in combination with the quantities, delivery times, scope and diversity of the components, is completely unique.