Ground, Road and Water works

Gouweleeuw expertise goes further than simply applying colour. Machines such as bulldozers, shovels, excavation machines and mini-diggers, as used in the ground/roads/waterworks sector, are exposed heavy duty wear and tear as a result of use and conditions.

Paint systems, with preservative norms C2 to C5, in combination with our working methods, will extend the lifetime of this type of machine. The equipment thus remains in excellent condition.

Aside from end-users, our customer base also includes importers and agent such as Kuiken Emmeloord, supplier of Volvo and Sennebogen machines, and PON equipment suppliers of Caterpillar machines.

Gouweleeuw has developed its own quality norms, called the Gouweleeuw A-Quality norms, with respect to machine processing. We would be delighted to tell you all about them.