Spuiterij Gouweleeuw: 25 years' experience and a leading company.

Innovation has been very important for Paintshop Gouweleeuw, right from the beginning. Since the start in Kraggenburg (Noordoostpolder NL ) and until today, the company has always been keen to apply the very latest developments within the sector.

Between 1989 and 1992, Paintshop Gouweleeuw was principally concerned with spray painting tasks for trucks.
When it became clear that there was a high demand for this type of service for construction machinery, and particularly cranes, Paintshop Gouweleeuw decided to expand its horizons.
In 1999, Paintshop Gouweleeuw moved from Kraggenburg to the Ondernemersweg in the city Emmeloord.
In 2007, we had the site at Titaniumweg built, where we can spray the heavy, sizeable pieces of equipment that make up large cranes. As a result, our total production capacity expanded to around 300 cranes per year.  
Increased growth and market expansion led to a decision in 2010 to build a new site on the IJzerweg.
In 2011, the location on the IJzerweg was opened for blasting and coating.
Today, Gouweleeuw is a leading expert when it comes to spraying, blasting and coating. Our processes are suitable for all weather conditions.
In the Vertical Transport Cranemarket , with clients such as Liebherr, TadanoFaun, Terex and Manitowoc, our name has been firmly established within the (international) world of cranes. Gouweleeuw has built up an excellent reputation in other sectors too, such as the GWW (earth moving equipment)sector, Blasting and Coating and the cleaning/ refurbish market, with GeesinkNorba as a client (worldleader and manufacturer from truck waste lorries).

Gouweleeuw has its own technical division, so that continuity (24 hours)of processing is always guaranteed. Thanks to the company's expertise, Gouweleeuw can always offer a lifetime quality guarantee.

What we consider important: What we do:
  • Investing in the relationship with our customers
  • Working on the basis of ‘a deal is a deal’
  • Delivering consistent quality
  • Work alongside you on ideas
  • Provide expert advice
  • Take account of specific user-conditions