Quality assurance system

Among other things, the growth of our company can be put down our continuing efforts to deliver the very best quality. We have been able to translate the experience we have accumulated within the various aspects or our profession to all of our departments.

And this led to the implementation of a control system. We also created the opportunity to initiate targeted improvements. For the future, this means a clear vision regarding the maintenance and improvement of our internal processes. Quality continuity is thus assured.

Gouweleeuw Quality-Check System
With the introduction of the internal GL-QC system (Gouweleeuw Quality-Check system) within our processes, every employee knows exactly how to carry out their task effectively. GL-QC officers monitor these processes via use of a continual checklist.  

All of the agreements discussed and made in advance with you are filed using an internal GL-QC task number. For now and for the future, the working method is thus fixed and reconciled to your specific standards and desires.  

The use of the GL-QC system has enabled us to translate our 25 years of experience in applying finishing systems into the delivery of reliable end-products.

We would be delighted to tell you about the advantages that the GL-QC can offer!