Vertical Transport

Gouweleeuw is an expert and leading company in the Netherlands when it comes to spraying anything that is used with Vertical Transport. This could include: mobile cranes, crawler cranes, tower and harbour / ship cranes, tele-handlers and cherry-pickers.

Besides spraying new machinery in company colours, Gouweleeuw also has vast experience in covering old spray work and repairing used machines. This could include a one-off spray job after a few years of use but could also be part of a maintenance cycle.

In 2008, Gouweleeuw extended its specialisation spraying and paint the heaviest mobile and crawler cranes. The fact that we split the basic machine and the kit that goes with it in production when it arrives and then put it all back together at the end of the spraying process means that we can deliver a top quality standard 'just in time’.

Aside from Dutch crane importers, dealers and the many end-users, our customer base also includes crane manufacturers Liebherr, TadanoFaun, Terex and Manitowoc. We spray mobile and crawler cranes in all formats for these clients, which are then delivered across the globe.

Gouweleeuw has developed its own quality norms, called the Gouweleeuw A-Quality norms, with respect to machine processing. We would be delighted to tell you all about them.