Blasting robot

Blasting is a very effective way to remove rust. We blast manually as well as with the help of a blasting robot that makes the heavy blasting work lighter. In our 35 x 8 meter blast room, blasting grit is blown onto the object under high air pressure.

Abrasive, blast pressure and blast impact

We blast with sharp-edged stainless steel blasting medium, which guarantees a very continuous blast impact (RZ value). This is the foundation for a high-quality sprayed object. The correct blasting impact does not cause any complaints about the paint, such as a dull gloss. The blasting pressure is set according to the thickness of the steel. The grains remove the rust deep into the pores. The blasting robot can be operated both manually and automatically.

Degrees of cleanliness

There are different degrees of cleanliness in blasting, namely: SA 1: light blasting; almost all loose mill scale, rust and other coatings have been removed (blasting or flapping). SA 2: virtually all mill scale, rust and other coatings have been removed. The material now has a greyish colour. SA 2,5: careful blasting; everything has been removed and can only be seen as a light shadow or discoloration. SA 3: silver blank blasting; really everything has now been removed, including dust. The material now has a uniform metallic colour.

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