Immediately after blasting, a chromate-free two-component epoxy primer-surfacer is applied, which guarantees good protection against rust formation. This process is also the basis for the application of paint and varnish systems within the C3, C4 and C5 standards.

Flame galvanising

Optionally, you can have your equipment flame galvanished by us. We flame galvanise rims, sheet metal parts and parts that are exposed to high mechanical and climate stress.

Paint systems

The most important part of preserving your equipment is the application of the paint and varnish system. Our chromate-free two-component epoxy primer-surfacer and 2K-high-solid-polyurethane topcoats not only protect your machines, they also give a longer service life with better residual values and a professional appearance. Optionally, we can provide your object with an extra layer of 2K polyurethane clear coat. It is suitable as a finishing layer for 2K topcoats, where better resistance to external influences (chemical resistance) is desired.

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