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Working at Gouweleeuw Working at Gouweleeuw means working together on the creation of a top product. Our employees are all specialists in their field. We also believe it is very important that our employees are able to do their job in a responsible and safe manner. Internal training In recent years, in collaboration with AkzoNobel, we have started offering internal training courses for spray painting. During this training, theory lessons are given on location at AkzoNobel and paint knowledge is acquired. In addition, theory is also applied in practice and the tricks of spraying are learned. After these lessons, an experienced painter takes the student into the work. In addition to the internal training as a painter, we also offer other internal training courses such as (dis)assembly worker or blaster. Unsolicited application Are you interested in working at Gouweleeuw? Then contact us. We are always looking for professionals! Even if you are not yet skilled, but you have the right drive, we would like to meet you. We can provide internal training as for example a sprayer or (dis)assembly employee. Contact Phone: +31 (0)527 252 307 (option 4: Personnel Department) Mail: Contact person: Ms Anita Witteveen-van Berkum

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