Quality standardisation system The growth of our company is partly due to our continuous quest to deliver the best quality. We have been able to translate the experience gained in the various aspects of our profession to all departments. This was the start for the introduction of a checking system. We have also created the opportunity to implement targeted improvements. For the future, this means a clear vision of maintaining and improving our internal processes. Quality continuity is guaranteed for you.   Quality Check System With the introduction of the internal GL QC system (Gouweleeuw Quality Check system) within our process, every employee knows how to fulfil his task optimally. GL QC officers monitor these processes by maintaining a progress checklist. All agreements discussed and recorded in advance with you are archived by means of an internal GL QC order number. For now and for the future, a working method has been established, specifically tailored to the standards and wishes that apply to you. We have been able to convert our 30 years of experience in applying finishing systems into reliable end products by means of our GL QC system.

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