Our logistics process requires a comprehensive series of transport methods, equipped to be suitable for very heavy transport.

These special transport methods offer our spray painting department unique opportunities when it comes to speed and flexibility.

For loading, unloading and the internal transport of parts, we use our own fork-lift truck fleet. A 40-ton fork-lift truck is used for very heavy lifting while fork-lift truck side-loaders and various smaller lifting trucks are also vital for our logistics processes.

We have 11 platform wagons (Mavi) with a carrying capacity of up to 120 tons which are pulled by 2 terminal tractor units. Two trailers allow us to transport goods by road. We have a fleet of forklifts up to 45 ton.

Clients regularly ask us about the maximum weight and size of the objects that we can process. We always say: “How big and heavy can you deliver?” For you, this means that your spraying work is in capable hands in every part of the process. Even up to the shipping in the port if this involves international transport.